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Warm & Fuzzy Bunny Slippers GK1070

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The adorable bunny ears combined with ultra-soft plush fuzziness makes these slippers the ultimate go-to this winter! Cozy and cute, you'll never want to take these off as you Netflix n' chill!


  • Fuzzy Bunny Ear Design
  • Ultra-Soft Cotton
  • Thick Foam Soles
  • Multiple Color Variants

Important Notice:

Note 1 : Please choose the size according to your foot length.

Note 2 : Foot Length = insole length- (0.5-1) CM 

Note 3 :   We sent the shoes according to EU size. If you find there are 3 countries shoes size, just use Europe size chart to verify the shoes you received, other 2 countries size can be ignored.

Note 4 :   Stand straight on a paper, mark points of the longest front toe and heel, the length of the two points is the foot length.  

Note 5 : The length of the left foot and right foot may be slightly different , please measure the bigger one.

Note 6 : If your feet are think and wide, we suggest you choose one size bigger. if they are narrow and thin, we suggest you choose one size smaller.

Size 36-37=Inside Length 22.8cm=Suitable for usual 35-36

Size 38-39=Inside Length 23.9cm=Suitable for usual37-38

Size 40-41=Inside Length 24.8cm=Suitable for usual39-40


1.Processing time: 2-3 business days.

2.It usually takes 10-15 business days for items to arrive at your side.

3.Shipping worldwide!

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