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Hanging Trash Can with Lid GK1472

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Hanging Trash Can with Lid

  • Are you tired about bending over to empty the garbage when you are cooking?
  • Are you still worried about the fruit flies and the odor from garbage?
  • Hanging trash can with lid can help you to solve this problem perfectly
  • Scientific and Humanized
  • Hanging design, no need to bend over,comfortable and effortless
  • Trash bin can be hanging on the kitchen door, cabinet door, pantry door, or anywhere else.
  • Good Sealing
  • The lid can effectively prevent the odor from escaping and keep your area odor free.
  • The trash can is the perfect odorless storage for kitchen waste in your hom
  • Parameters
  • Product Name: Hanging Trash Can with Lid
  • Material: High Density Polypropylene
  • Capacity: 2.4 Gallon
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 1.32 lbs (0.6kg)
  • Volume: 10.2 * 6.3 * 11.6inch


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3.Shipping worldwide!

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Easy to use and great design

I love this compost bin. Been using it for a few weeks now. Being able to hang it on the cupboard door is extremely helpful in putting food scraps in. I also like being able to lock down the 3 gallon compost bag so it doesn’t fall in when your throw in heavy items like banana peels. Being able to open the lid 2 ways is really helpful. The quality is perfect for my single person use. Very happy with purchase.

Super durchdachter Eimer

Schöner funktionaler Mülleimer.
Er kann an Türen und Schubladen eingehängt werden oder ein Halter an die Wand geklebt werden in den er eingehängt wird.
Die Tüten werden durch den Deckel super festgeklebt und der Eimer dichtet überall gut ab.

Great large hanging compost bin

This was exactly what I was looking for, I wanted to find a compost that would not take up counter space and could hold more than 1.3 gallons of compost (the size if the typical countertop bin). This bin can hang in a door or cabinet - we have it hanging on the edge inside our rollout garbage drawer. I love that it opens in two directions, lift the front to open it just a little, or lift the back to leave the top open. It’s also easy to take out and put on the counter while prepping. Great unit, it makes me happy.

I really like this trash can

Size is fine not too small and convenience for hanging instead putting on the floor.

L. Ruetz
Works great and odor free

I've used this in our kitchen, attached to one of our drawers, and it works fine. The attachment that holds it to the door/ drawer is sturdy and holds it in place very well. I'm using it will the bags that come with it, and it leaves the bin with nothing to clean, other than the inside top, which cleans very easy. I like how I can open the top two ways, and the lid stays secure both times. There was zero odor and no fruit flies! It's perfect for about one week's worth of food waste.

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