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Touchless Smart Trash Can for Bathroom GK1475

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This smart garbage bin with lid is a must in any kitchen, especially those messy broken eggs dripping all over your hands, spilled items in refrigerator, or just the general kitchen disasters that require two hands to transport the soaked various items to the nearest recepticle. You can open it with knee beed sensing or hand waving sensing, Don't have to step on anything or touch anything to get it to open the lovely touchless trash bin.

Product information

  • Name: Smart Trash Can
  • Size: 13L: 20x22x30cm
  • 15L: 20x22x36.2cm
  • Induction: infrared/kick/one key
  • Volume: 15L/4 Gallon
  • Battery: Two AA batteries
  • Material: ABS+PP plastic
  • Unpleasant smell of kitchen waste
  • Automatic induction trash can
  • is a new concept of health
  • It can reduce bacterial cross infection
  • Smart trash can
  • "Induction" + "Kick" + "One key"
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❤️IMPORTANT NOTE❤️Please read the instruction manual carefully and install 2 AA batteries before using this bathroom automatic trash can. After the sensor light is turned on, you can wave your hand or kick with the foot to open the lid, after 5 seconds the sensor light goes off and the lid closes automatically.
😊A variety of ways to open the lid😊One key to open the lid, easy and labor-saving Brand-new smart design touchless bathroom trash can, infrared sensor, fast opening in 0.3 seconds, wave-sensing touch-free trash can, one-key normally open lid for easy use. kick off
Open the cover at any angle, The cover can be opened by foot, hand, or light touch, Make your life easier
🎅Waterproof and moisture resistant bathroom trash can without fear of dripping 🎅In order to facilitate the use of the bathroom, smart trash can adopts high-quality materials and advanced design to ensure that the trash can can be used normally in the bathroom. The body of the trash can is dirt and waterproof. It is packed with one pull and kept away from bathroom garbage.


1.Processing time: 2-3 business days.

2.It usually takes 10-15 business days for items to arrive at your side.

3.Shipping worldwide!

Customer Reviews

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Great 4 Gal trash can

I kind of have an obsession for trash cans. I know, I’m a weirdo! But I have a dog that also has an obsession with trash cans, or rather what’s inside them, and he’s also as smart as they come. So unfortunately, we always have bits of trash on the floor and it’s disgusting and annoying. Hence my obsession with trash cans! I’m always looking for the perfect one with the solution that will finally save me from picking up garbage every day. I think I’ve found it! It’s a great trash can and looks nice and clean, The lid can be easily opened with the foot.

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