Take a quick pause from all of the noise and negativity going on and spend some time with us at Goog House!

Goog House was founded by a kai gao who are obsessed with all things kawaii, inspired mostly by the wildly popular anime, cosplay, manga culture and ulzzang styles that truly never fails to bring smiles to our faces and takes us right back to when we were carefree kids.

Through Goog House, we aim to share that same joy and energy to everyone all over the world, that is why we worked so hard to carefully select items that we truly love and partner with many factories all over the world to bring you the most unique items/everyday accessories at the lowest cost possible and provide free worldwide shipping!

We are proud to ship worldwide to most countries like USA, UK, EU, AU, BR, and much more with a 100% Cuteness Guarantee on every order.

We’d love to connect with you all! if you have any questions about your order or need further assistance from us, feel free to contact us using the contact us at support@googhouse.com.